In remembrance of Liz Ferguson


Our good friend Liz Ferguson passed away on New Year’s Day.

Liz and The Natural Step Monona found one another because she joined a summer study circle in 2008. She and another friend from the circle, Carol, were so thrilled with The Natural Step framework that they went on to take facilitator training from us and led their very own circle in Madison. Liz and Carol followed up that “fire soul” effort by presenting on the TNS framework at the Midwest Renewable Energy Association Fair in Custer, Wisconsin.

For our first Capstone Course in spring 2011, Liz was one of fourteen TNS Monona volunteers who went door-to-door with twelve students and their professor and teaching assistant–covering all of Monona’s households!–to deliver our sustainability survey. Over the years, she also helped with grant research and assisted with the fundraising team. Due to her dedication and support for TNS Monona, Liz was our 2011 Volunteer of the Year and received the “Good Dog” award, a trophy which is topped with a dog sporting a green cape, a humorous representation of a superhero of sustainability. We will miss our real and human sustainability hero.



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